My Open letter to @EzraLevant @Ethical_oil @PmHarper

I just finished watching Ezra Levant lose it on you-tube.

Ezra Levant, Your forefathers arrive, bringing so-called “progress” to Canada. They steal Land from under the indigenous people’s noses and call it progress. They brought with them pestilence and disease and christianity, abducting their children and forcing their belief upon them. Their indiginous culture were viewed upon as savage, and they were stripped of their very essence. Now you further strip their land, mining for oil and call it progress. Then to add further insult to injury, you tell them this is the first time they ever had a ‘real Job’. FUCK YOU, EZRA LEVANT! How Fucking Dare you! You condescending Fuck! Shame on YOU!

2 thoughts on “My Open letter to @EzraLevant @Ethical_oil @PmHarper

  1. very strong and to the point. sadly, it is very much the truth of this continent and our brothers on the continent to the south. thank you for your words.


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