We only have one life, one chance to learn the most valuable lesson of all…

Love is all that matters in this life.

My painting has evolved yet again. The shawl, is just too much for my level of patience. I tried finishing each area as I went along, but ended up with muddied colors. After painting that shawl several times and found nothing I did worked, I decided to go about it methodically. Paint in layers. So my plan was to paint the entire shawl in the shadow color. Then, when dry, I would paint the next layer, being the pattern, then subsequent layers until I reached the lightest lights. Hahaha! This is what I call a ‘Surprise’ painting!

So I painted the grey layer and to my surprise, I love it. I love how the grey looks over the warm umber. I’m going to work on it a little more as I want to lighten and darken some areas on the shawl and I’m also going to paint in a hint of her arm on the right side, then sign this painting.

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