The painter’s Amuse…

Good morning #ArtLovers and fellow bloggers ~ Wish everyone a productive and successful day!

I started a new painting yesterday, after realizing I’d forgotten about an artist call to submit a self portrait by January 31. OK so this doesn’t exactly give me a lot of time. I also didn’t want to forgo and not enter. So I decided to go with monotone as i wouldn’t have time to produce anything in color. I’m about halfway, I still have to go over yesterdays work and add thicker paint. The piece is called “The Painter’s Amuse” I’m painting myself painting mehndi on myself, say that in a hurry lol! It’s a creatively fun piece and I’m thoroughly enjoying this technique. Time for some fresh hot java, Salt Spring Style 😉

Happy Painting!

painters hand

…My Muse appears and whispers in my ears…
And In the magic of the night, to my greatest delight
a tiny dragon appears…

The Painter's Amuse Detail

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