Good morning Fellow Bloggers and lovers of the arts!

Firstly, it’s so good to be a part of this Incredible Universal Orchestration. Our Dance with life has been quite something. Once you reach an age of maturity, your whole perspective changes. One gains a whole new appreciation for the earth and all her splendor. You notice the little things you missed your whole life. It’s as if a veil lifted and everything changed. Once upon a time I wanted to party and paint the town red…now? I couldn’t care less. I’d rather stay home and listen to Mozart while I paint in my flannel pajamas. I’d rather grow my own food than buy veggies covered in pesticides. I care less about what other people think. I’m happy to stay home and never leave the house. I like our quiet solitude.

We were going to move because we don’t have drinkable water and I didn’t want to water my veggies with water I can’t drink. After much brainstorming we found a way to deal with the water issue and decided to stay as we love it here. We’re going to be starting our Veggie garden from scratch. There’s no usable soil, mostly clay, so we will be bringing in some good soil. We’re also going to be using all found materials to make our garden. Oh I’m so excited! I love a challenge and have great plans to create something quite fantastic! I have an open canvas to create a masterpiece in my garden, I’m grinning from ear to ear 😀 I’m definitely going to be documenting the whole process, sigh, come on Spring!!!!

In my studio I have much going on. I’m in the process of reorganizing my studio. Marc completed two double sided studio easels for my classes and getting everything ready for Wednesday’s class.

I’m working on a commissioned still-life as well as completing my self-portrait for an art contest. I have several large pieces in the early stages of development as well as four large commissioned landscapes in the works. I sure have my work cut out for me. Now to finish off some housework and get ready for today’s class 🙂


Have a wonderful and productive day!

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