Good Morning Fellow Bloggers and Lovers of the Arts!

I must say, I’m in a Fabulous mood this morning. Finally, hard work is beginning to pay off. My paintings are selling off my easel and the best news of all? Winter is headin’ on out and Spring is on her way! YES!!!

My Studio is looking amazing! Marc is super handy in the wood shop, I have all new studio furniture including beautiful easels, palette and taboret. As soon as I’ve tidied up, I’ll take some pics. I could really use a maid service today! Things get outa hand when one works long long hours. Laundry piled high, dust bunnies hoppin’ about, sheesh!

I’m working several pieces trying to bring them all to completion so I can begin more. I love the piece on my easel at the moment, so much pleasure!

I just discovered Adblockplus, the best thing ever! If you see annoying ads here or anywhere else online, install Adblockplus for FREE! and say goodbye to ads even on youtube!!! Yay!!!!

Wish you ALL a wonderful and Productive day!!!

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