Troubleshooting my new painting…

It’s crazy how life takes over and how one gets lost in all the little details that totally take away from the big picture. Sometimes I just have to stand back and take breath and pick one thing and go with it. Not a zillion things. One. It’s hard to focus on too many things at once. It’s best to stick with one and do it Well! I don’t know about you, but it’s so easy to get side tracked with so much going on in the world, from war to genetically modified food. I just want to shut out all the noise and peacefully paint.

I made a decision today to not allow all the noise to stop me from doing what I love the most. Painting and teaching what I have learned thus far. I know many of you are learning and updating your skills and knowledge. I too have a ways to go. I remember searching through the internet trying to find answers on how to paint flesh tones, learn about composition and placement of subjects. How to blend and when not to blend. How to paint from one’s imagination has been my recent question.

Some time ago I began a self portrait, I did the underpainting and put it away to return to it at a later stage when I could figure out how to take it to the next level. It needed to be completed and in color. I knew I wanted to include, Jiji, my cat, as my studio assistant. I sat and drew numerous sketches of her until I was satisfied. I painted her in. I began filling in my flesh color, which is still being worked on. Then the background took a while to figure out. I’m still figuring it out! Hahaha!

Right now I’m troubleshooting my little dragon’s wings. I thought I wanted the bat wing shape, but changed my mind and decided to try feathered wings. I believe I can get some great movement and great lighting with the feathers.  I tried to rub away some of my underpainting to repaint the wings, but couldn’t, so now I’m going to repaint the wings with burnt umber and white, my underpainting colors. The reason I cant just paint over it, is because oil paint dries translucent. You cannot hide mistakes. You must wipe away your mistake and redo it. Now to clean off my palette, lay fresh color and get painting.

I know everyone has their own learning curves. What are you struggling with?



Selfie with Jiji and dragon

My underpaintingNaomi's Amuse

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