Re: Brainstorming my dragons wings…

dragon progress1

After a nights sleep pondering my dragon, I awoke early and wiped away the feathered wings I had painted last night. It just wasn’t working. So back to the drawing board. I searched online for real bats to observe their wings and then did a search for Lizards and found numerous options. I’ve narrowed the design and colors down and now to mix paint and work on my little magikal creation. Once my little dragon is done, I’ll work on my hand and the night sky, complete the pillars and stairs. Once my face is dry I’ll continue to ad more life and depth. I’m excited!

I have a commissioned painting of a little dog I’m working on, so will be putting my selfie on hold till I’m done. But first I Have to paint the dragon and the sky before it dries.

Wish you all a productive and successful day!

2 thoughts on “Re: Brainstorming my dragons wings…

  1. I am so glad you did not go with the feathers even though you would of made it amazing but the bat style wings really gives the painting a mystical feeling. I love it !


    • Thank you, Isabel 🙂 I had painted feathers, slept on it and woke up early in the morning to wipe away them away again as I also way preferred the bat wings.

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