New to Oil-Painting? 5 blunders you should never do…

Because there are so many inexperienced people sharing their ‘Knowledge’ on oil painting, I can understand how confusing this must be for those handling oils for the first time…

  • Never paint over an old painting. Why? Because oil paint dries translucent revealing the under layers. You cannot cover or hide mistakes because each layer depends upon the next. If you mess up, you must wipe it away with mineral spirits and re-do it.
  • Never randomly dip your brush in medium. Why? Because your painting will crack. Observing fat over lean will prevent cracking. Each Successive layer has to be ‘Fatter’ than the next. Use a dropper and mix medium into your piles of color before you begin painting. It’s best to use a medium on the final layer.
  • Never paint on an unprimed or unsized canvas.  Why? Because the canvas fabric will rot. If you’re painting on a panel, same thing, always seal your panel before priming.
  • Never paint with acrylic over oils. Why? Oil and water don’t mix. Your painting crack.
  • Never eat while you are handling odorless mineral spirits. why? Because it’s toxic.  Always clean up and wash your hands before handling food.

Up next, I’m working on a surprise I know you are going to love!





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