Teacups and Roses underpainting….

Another day closer to spring,  I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get my flower and veggie garden going. I’ll have tons of subject matter to paint, outside, my favorite place to be in the summer.

I completed my drawing and will be mixing some neutral grays to work on the underpainting. I filmed the drawing session and will be filming the process of mixing grays and how I made my value finder.

When I set up my still-life, I couldn’t find the right paper for the background, so I found an image of roses I liked and painted it into the background, really going for the look of  wallpaper. The rose lasted all of one day, so really had to improvise. So back to my palette, I have some grays to mix. I’ll be filming and explaining my process every step of the way right up to the very last brush stroke.

Have a wonderful day and happy painting!

Teacups and Roses underpainting

Teacups and roses drawing ~ Detail

8 thoughts on “Teacups and Roses underpainting….

  1. Thanks for this post Naomi,
    Can I ask you please ……(by what method …..or by which medium)…..in what way do you finish your initial drawing before commencing with an under-painting? I’ve been trying acrylic ink over pencil and some other variations. What do you recommend?
    Best wishes.


    • Hi Donal, sure, I draw directly on my canvas with an hb pencil, then I seal it with watered down acrylic gesso. I lightly brush it over my drawing until it’s completely covered. I allow to dry and very lightly sand it with 400 grit sandpaper. At this point my drawing is safe and I can go ahead and work on my underpainting. I use burnt umber with and a lean medium of two parts linseed oil and one part oms. Once dry I either go directly into color or I will paint a closed grisaille, which means I’ll paint it in grey, painting the correct values. Once dry I’ll paint in color, gradually building layers using a fatter with each successive layer. I will let you know when I’ve completed filming the video for this painting. You will be able to see the entire process in detail from the drawing to underpainting, color mixing and final painting. I provide a photo of the teacup still-life as well as a downloadable image of the completed painting, so you can follow along and and paint your own.
      Have a wonderful day, Naomi

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      • I’m putting together some weekly exercises/lessons for members of the Oil Painter’s Studio. You’ll be receiving your first lesson in your mailbox soon!


      • Am looking forward to it a lot ….thanks again….
        At times I’ve felt like giving up but your posts and tips …. your love of painting …always makes it more accessible.
        Sincere thanks,


      • Thank you, Donal, for your kind words 🙂 you are going to love the weekly lessons.
        Have a wonderful day,


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