One of the biggest struggles learning to paint in oils is…

One of the biggest struggles learning to paint in oils is judging and painting Values correctly.  I know, I had the same difficulties. So what’s an Artist to do?

Use Value Finders.  Not only a gray scale but also a Burnt umber scale. The reason why? Because your grisaille is done in only burnt umber. So holding up a value finder and comparing your values with your still-life or what ever your subject matter may be, will help you to judge and compare your values. I do recommend using Picasa to help with that. It’s a very simple to use editing suite. Take a photo of your subject matter and edit in Picasa by changing it to Sepia. This will really help you to see your values when painting your grisaille. Your Burnt umber value finder doesn’t have to be perfect. The reason why I have drilled holes in it, is pretty obvious I think!

umber scale

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