Please forgive me….

I haven’t written any posts in a while. I’m experiencing some depression. Life isn’t always tea and roses 😦

I’m from South Africa, I’m sure some of you may know. There is terrible turmoil in my home country. Little children are being raped and massacred with machetes and drowned in boiling water and thousands upon thousands of people are being tortured and brutally murdered. My heart cannot bear this and I sink deeper and deeper into despair. God, please make this stop. Please.

I will return when I can catch my breath and I stop drowning in a sea of tears :- (

3 thoughts on “Please forgive me….

  1. So sad and sorrowful to feel the hugeness of your pain and the overbearing sense of helplessness and futility that has pummelled your sense of justice in the world.


      • Many thanks, you are more than welcome. I’ve been to South Africa several times. It’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world which makes it’s current tragedy all the deeper.
        Take care and stay well. (……thanks again for your creativity and art).


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