Thank you for your patience….

It’s been a while I know. It’s hard writing anything when one is in a dark place. Slowly the light is beginning to seep in and brighten things up a bit. I’ve also been suffering with chronic lower back pain. I can’t sit for long periods of time, making it difficult to get any work done. I had to put the editing of Teacups and roses on hold as we had software issues and in the middle of switching to another program and learning how to use it! By end of July we should be back to normal and get back on track. I signed up with a new gallery and right now, I’m painting like crazy to replenish my stock.

I also just started a huge piece, 4′ x 5′ and will be uploading my progress with images and some video footage. I’ve spent that last few days prepping my panel for painting.

Over the many years of oil painting, there are some process that I’ve learned to implement when it comes to prepping painting panels. I way prefer painting on a wooden panel as apposed to canvas. I use Gamblin’s oil painting ground to seal the painting panel and once dry, I prime the panel with a mix of underpainting white and burnt umber. Basically an off white color to break the stark white ground.

New panel

Mixing white and burnt umber

Prepping panel

Yes, tinting ones canvas is great, but the main reason I prime my canvas with a layer of  oil paint, is Tooth. Your paint needs something to adhere to. I found that first priming this way, I can go over my entire canvas with one pass without having to go back to repaint or touch up. Alla prima made easier and quicker! Yes it takes a week to dry, but it’s worth it, believe me, you will be so glad you waited patiently. It literally cuts painting time in half.

You’re probably wondering what I’m going to be painting on such a huge panel?


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