Welcome to my Studio….


My name’s Naomi Grindlay. I was born in Zambia, in the heart of Africa and raised in Southern Africa. I moved to Canada many many moons ago and now reside on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. An Artist Paradise. We are so fortunate as artists to be surrounded by such breathtaking beauty on this gorgeous Island.

Oil painting for me, has been a life-long learning experience. One can never know enough. I learn something new every time I paint. There is  this endless challenge going on where you push yourself further than you think you can go. It’s never easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it.

There isn’t any one particular subject I’m after. If the subject is beautifully lit, I’ll paint it. That could range from still life to landscapes to painting model T’s, people and their dogs too.

I’m very particular about the surface I paint on and prefer painting on panels as apposed to canvas. I still paint on canvas on occasion. I prime the surface with an oil primer and tint my Wood panel.  I then tint my panel with a mid value, color depending on what i’m painting. I transfer my drawing with a tracing paper and a charcoal pencil or draw free hand from a grid if it’s a large piece. I then complete my underpainting with burnt umber or Raw umber and a dry brush. The first layer of color is then applied over the entire canvas, this is called dead coloring . Once dry, I will paint the entire piece a second time. Once completely dry , I will then glaze and scumble on my third layer working in the final details.

Sometimes this process goes smoothly and at times I want to pull my hair out. If the piece is a little too challenging, I’ll put it aside and work on it when I have more experience. At times I’ll begin a huge undertaking and a few weeks later, wonder what on earth I was thinking! Challenges keep me on my toes!

My paintings are my impressions of how I view the world around me. For the viewer, I wish to convey a sense of calm and peace.



5 thoughts on “Welcome to my Studio….

  1. Just discovered your art yesterday and I LOVE it. Jotted down your flesh tone tips in my little green book for future reference. Can’t wait for Amanda’s tea party to finish. Oh, and btw, I’m a South African living in Belgium since 1998 with a 2-year break in between. Looking forward to much more beauty emerging from your studio in the new year..


    • Thank you for the compliments Elria 🙂 I have completed Amanda’s tea party, I need to have it photographed, and then I’ll post it. Glad you found the flesh painting tips handy, and if there is anything more you would like to know please feel free to ask, hope u have a fabulous new year!


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