Did you know that the Secret is in the grays?

Yesterday I spent the day setting up my new still-life and prepping my canvas. Today I’m going to be drawing in my image. I usually have two approaches to painting; direct painting, or indirect painting. For this one I decided to go with indirect painting. I begin with an underpainting and layering.. I actually find this approach pretty sound and would recommend it before direct painting, especially if you are a beginner. I realize some would argue the point, but in my own personal experience, direct painting is way more challenging. Once my underpainting is complete, I’ll mix up a set of grays and begin mixing color. I’m going to be filming the entire process from the drawing to the very last highlight. Teacups and roses is my subject matter. I’m excited! I love this still-life and look forward to sharing my process with you!

Did you know that the secret is in the grays? I’ll be filming how to mix the perfect gray and how to use grays and why you need them.

Have an Excellent day and Happy painting!