Color charting…..

Don’t u just hate it when u want to rework a painting and u cant remember what colours u used? Now I document every colour I use for  every painting. Yes a colour chart really works. I find them very useful, saves me a ton of time. When designing a painting, I simply use my colour charts to map out my painting and the colours I’ll be using. If I’m not sure of a colour, it’ll be on my colour chart for sure. How simple is that! I’ll give u an example. I’m sitting at my easel staring at my still life I set up in my studio and cant put my finger on the colour. I simply hold up my colour chart to match the colour I need. I mix it up and viola! If I could give u very sound advise, the colour charts will save you so much hassle over and over again. You want a short cut? This is it. It may take you a week to make these colour charts, but in the long term, it’s use will be worth it’s weight a hundred times over in gold and time.

Here’s an example, close up of how i made these color charts. As u can see it is well used.