Selfie with my lil smokey dragon ;)

I’m often asked if I ever paint from my imagination. Yes I do…. Completed my underpainting, now for color!

Naomi's Amuse

Naomi’s Amuse

Oils 18″ x 36″

Miss Rose makes herself comfortable on my easel…


I excitedly prepared my canvas and began my underpainting. I tinted my canvas with raw umber and tiny dash of Gamsol odourless turpentine. (No getting away from the turps. Although it’s use is very minimal in my studio.) Then rubbed the excess off with a lint free rag. I roughed-in the dark areas and drew my image with my brush and raw umber, taking out the lights with brushes and a rag. Once I’m satisfied with my composition placement and have the perspective and proportion right, I’ll start working on more detail. I placed the bricks and worked on Miss Rose, painting in her features and the detail in her coat. Her hand holding a drink and then her skirt and boots.  At this point I’m deciding how I want the other side to look. Although it’s Fan Tan Alley, I’m going to change it up a bit, like I do most of my paintings. The backgrounds are all from my own imagination. Nothing is what it seems. I guess we call it ~ Artistic license :- )

Color charting…..

Don’t u just hate it when u want to rework a painting and u cant remember what colours u used? Now I document every colour I use for  every painting. Yes a colour chart really works. I find them very useful, saves me a ton of time. When designing a painting, I simply use my colour charts to map out my painting and the colours I’ll be using. If I’m not sure of a colour, it’ll be on my colour chart for sure. How simple is that! I’ll give u an example. I’m sitting at my easel staring at my still life I set up in my studio and cant put my finger on the colour. I simply hold up my colour chart to match the colour I need. I mix it up and viola! If I could give u very sound advise, the colour charts will save you so much hassle over and over again. You want a short cut? This is it. It may take you a week to make these colour charts, but in the long term, it’s use will be worth it’s weight a hundred times over in gold and time.

Here’s an example, close up of how i made these color charts. As u can see it is well used.


New years first painting…

New year, new beginnings, new resolutions, goals and aspirations. Upon my easel is my first painting for this year…. Close to completion….